The Perfect Vampire Double

When Kathryn Bigelow’s independent horror film Near Dark came out in 1987, it was eclipsed at the box office by The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher), a Warner Bros film released earlier in the same year. Bigelow, of course, went on to Oscar glory with The Hurt Locker, and Near Dark has since been claimed as […]

Wrapping Up Australian Horror in RealTime

A discussion that touches on aliens, zombies, vampire supremacy, Tasmanian convict history, cannibalism and torture inflicted by girls in pink party frocks can be found in part two of my article on Australian horror for RealTime + onscreen (online here).  Such is the diversity of our recent horror cinema! The films in question are the […]

Vampires in Santorini

With its dramatic volcanic landscape and pastel-toned architecture, Santorini is one of the most picturesque places on earth—a magnet for honeymooners and indeed tourists of all stripes.  But it was the rumour of vampires that attracted me to this fiercely sunny Aegean island some years ago. Before leaving on a four-month European trip, I’d read Raymond […]