“This is the one night where the dead and all sorts of other things roam free…”

A couple of weeks ago I had an evocative but disturbing dream about a Satanic funeral taking place across the road from where I grew up in Mosman.  As those in Sydney know, some rather inexplicable crime has taken place in this affluent suburb, the most recent instance being the collar bomb hoax.  It seems […]

Giant Corpse in Space

Another mysterious horror story has resurfaced in my memory, this time from the realm of science fiction.  It was a short story by a male author.  For a while, I thought Isaac Asimov might have been responsible, but since reading him as an adult, the tone of this particular story doesn’t seem quite consistent with the […]

Rabbit Bites Girl

Here’s a mystery for you… Somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13, I borrowed some seriously creepy young adult novels (all by the same author) from the library.  Fragments of story lines, as well as their generally twisted atmosphere, have stayed with me, but I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote them, […]

Uncanny Valley and Fond Memories of the Wax Dummies at the Australian Museum

I remember making an excursion as a child to the Australian Museum with my parents.  There must have been an exhibition on everyday life, or city living, or some such thing, for in one darkened room we came across a life-sized tableau of a family in their living room.  Here were a wax mother and […]