The Black Spot

As a small child, I was terrified of a tiny black spot where the enamel had chipped off in the bath at my grandparents’ holiday house.  The thought of going anywhere near it – to have a bath, say – made me slightly hysterical.  I never knew why it frightened me so much.  It wasn’t that it resembled an insect of some sort, or indeed anything other than what it was.  I was just as aware that it was a scratch in the bathtub, as I was that it was 100 % dangerous.  This site is dedicated to The Black Spot, and other places where reality wears thin…

2 comments on “The Black Spot

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog Kat, you write beautifully. Looking forward to the next instalments.

  2. Keep up the good work Kat, your work is well worth a read and others should follow you.

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