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“This is the one night where the dead and all sorts of other things roam free…”

A couple of weeks ago I had an evocative but disturbing dream about a Satanic funeral taking place across the road from where I grew up in Mosman.  As those in Sydney know, some rather inexplicable crime has taken place in this affluent suburb, the most recent instance being the collar bomb hoax.  It seems […]

Office Bloodbath

There are several good reasons to go and see fresh new Australian horror flick Redd Inc., a film that boldly pulls the genre back from the wilderness (where it seems to prefer to reside) and places it in its natural habitat—the office.  Watching Redd Inc. is like jumping on one of those ghost trains that […]

Tomie Unlimited and Other Snippets From the Sydney Underground Film Festival

The Sydney Underground Film Festival (which I covered for RealTime) rarely disappointed with its array of variously edgy, experimental, dark, playful, confronting films.  Apart from the fantastically wacky Helldriver, I only saw one other horror movie: the equally off-the-wall Tomie Unlimited.  (Helldriver‘s director Yoshihiro Nishimura did the effects on Tomie.)  Tomie Unlimited revolves around Tomie […]