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Vampires in Santorini

With its dramatic volcanic landscape and pastel-toned architecture, Santorini is one of the most picturesque places on earth—a magnet for honeymooners and indeed tourists of all stripes.  But it was the rumour of vampires that attracted me to this fiercely sunny Aegean island some years ago. Before leaving on a four-month European trip, I’d read Raymond […]

Australian Horror in RealTime

I’ve been immersed in Australian horror for a little while now, working on a two-part article on the subject for Australian-based arts publication RealTime.  It’s never a bad idea to have an awareness of what’s going down in your own backyard!  Excitingly (for me at least) Part One is now in print and online, and […]

The Lucid Zombie

Given the legions of zombies shambling through popular culture who follow Romero’s brain-dead, flesh-hungry prototype to the letter, a lucid zombie—one who is self-aware and able to articulate her predicament—might seem a contradiction in terms.  There are a few examples, however, which buck the trend, introducing depth and pathos to the stereotypical moaning ghoul.  Tim […]