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Killer Crocs and the Australian Nightmare

While we’re still on the topic of the Australian Museum, I caught up on some anatomical drawing in the skeleton room there last week. It’s a fabulous place, even without any creepy dummies – where else would you find a real skeleton astride a rearing horse? There were also some strange little reminders of the […]

Uncanny Valley and Fond Memories of the Wax Dummies at the Australian Museum

I remember making an excursion as a child to the Australian Museum with my parents.  There must have been an exhibition on everyday life, or city living, or some such thing, for in one darkened room we came across a life-sized tableau of a family in their living room.  Here were a wax mother and […]

In Praise of Dread

Every so often FILMINK slips me an intelligent horror film that’s worthy of more attention.  Such was the case with Dread (Anthony DiBlasi, 2009), an excellent adaptation of a Clive Barker short story which focuses on the examination of extreme fear: “the dark behind the door.” Dread begins as film student Stephen (Twilight‘s Jackson Rathbone) is […]