Inside Redd Inc.

Souvenir of Redd Inc. set visit; photograph Katerina Sakkas

This week I visited the set of Redd Inc., a new Australian horror film starring Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby) and Kelly Paterniti. With Redd Inc., co-writers Anthony O’Connor and Jonathon Green might well have invented a new sub-genre: office horror.  No one seems to have struck upon this concept before, which is strange when you think about it; most of us suffer under a boss from hell at one time or another, after all.

I was shown around the blood-spattered set, and spoke with the writers, director Daniel Krige, various actors, and wardrobe and makeup effects people.  This was a FILMINK assignment, so I can’t spill too many details, but I can share the memento that the very talented Paul Katte and his assistant Alice Baueris from Make-Up Effects Group created on my hand…

6 comments on “Inside Redd Inc.

  1. I remember Nick Hope and his sister Analise being in the ‘arty fringes’ of the Adelaide punk scene in the 1980s. Nick was in a band called ‘The Accountants’ which along with a few other bands of the day (The Dagoes etc) helped pave the way for non-mainstream bands to leave the garage and get a stage in a pub. How good to see him involved in an office based horror film….i’d laugh if he plays an accountant.

  2. Horror in the Office…I love it…so very apt!

  3. Hey hon, conversation with Mike about Nick Hope led John and I to create the “Sam Neill to Matt Day lookalike continuum”. Unlikely, but true! Will have to send you some time.

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